Erlent lyfjafyrirtæki óskar eftir viðmælendum með tegund 2.

By April 24, 2018Fréttir



My name is Petra Eurenius, and I work at AstraZeneca Nordic-Baltic, based in Sweden.


I reach out to you since we would like to get in contact with a person living on Iceland, who is living with type 2 diabetes, preferably a member of your diabetes association. We would like to ask her/him if they could consider coming to a meeting arranged by AstraZeneca for AZ colleagues, and speak about his/her experiences from living with type 2 diabetes, how it affects their daily life, life style changes, what he/she finds important for them when it comes to information from health care, care, medication, etc. The will be no discussions about specific medications, and the person can choose to not respond to questions. We would of course make an agreement, and explain the set up and purpose.


The meeting will take place on Island on May 2,3 or 4. The language spoken in the meeting will be English.