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Frá IDF (Internationa Diabetes Federation), alþjóðasamtökum sykursjúkra, beiðni um þátttöku í könnun.
Over time, diabetes can cause complications in many parts of the body and affect your daily life.
Diabetic foot complications are one of them. The good news is that with greater awareness and better management of risk factors you can prevent or delay complications.
IDF and one of its Partners, Urgo Medical, would like to ask for your feedback to better understand how we can help people living with diabetes in the area of footcare :
What is your level of knowledge about diabetes related foot complications ?
Do you take any daily actions to prevent them ?
What would you need to better face these potential complications (education, prevention tips, tutorials…) ?
We would like to invite you to complete a short anonymous survey, taking ~12 minutes of your time by the 15th of June.
By completing it, you will contribute to improving the prevention and care of diabetes related foot complications.